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J. Michael Woodside

Partner / Creative Director

Partner and Creative Director, J. Michael Woodside executes extraordinary, insightful brand campaigns. He has a true passion for championing creative collateral and graphically stimulating content to launch a clients Marketing, Advertising and Design identity. He is an enterprising and strategic-thinker with an innate ability for navigating competitive landscapes, to develop and deploy game-changing creative. He has worked with a variety of companies and clients:  big, small, emerging, established – Fashion to Food, Technology to Education, Publishing to Nonprofit.

The MAD Company was founded on the belief that good ideas and extraordinary creative influences how people will experience and interact with them. We help our clients find their voice, project their personality, and acheive their business goals.



Dawn Jackson

Partner / Marketing Director

Partner and Marketing Director, Dawn Jackson brings a vital dose of pragmatism and collaborates with clients.  She knows how to get conversations moving in a direction to create an action plan to accomplish what's been missing with a clients Marketing, Advertising and Design mix.  She has over 20 years of creative direction and management experience with recognizable fashion brands such as Izod Lacoste, Giorgio Armani and Nat Nast Luxury Originals. In addition to working in the retail industry, she has managed sales, sponsorships, advertising and media plans for the international trade show leader Reed Exhibition Company and the media agency Publicitas.  Through this experience she also delivers a competent and attentive support system, striving to create an open, honest working relationship with clients and their teams throughout the branding process.


Our catalyst that works on our business development team introducing clients to strategies that will develop and maximize their business in today’s competitive environment.  No one is better suited to work with clients than Noelle; she has a Masters in Education and was an elementary school teacher for over ten years.  Talk about someone who has an understanding of how to assess what someone is trying to say, be patient, and an attentive guide to deliver a positive end result.  She is our gal around town who can be seen at various professional groups talking about the importance of building a businesses through creative and innovative branding practices with effective Marketing, Advertising and Design campaigns.


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