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We create identity and experience through solid concept development, creative direction, compelling imagery, and graphic design. Our work is distinct in its visual appeal, attention to detail, and aesthetic sensibility.


We don’t have any icons or diagrams that explain our creative process. Nor do we have clever names for the stages of each project. But we do have curiosity and imagination. And we understand that to solve a problem, you need to talk about it and observe it from every angle. To discuss and collectively understand it. To pull it apart, and then put it back together again.  We believe in doing all of these things together... no surprises, no hidden fees, we treat your budget as we do our own and we do all of the work in-house.

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We’re here. We have time for you, and we'd like to work with you.

So, grab your phone and call us at 203.521.1142 or email us.

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